Chasing Blue's, Low Valley "is a superb record, worthy of the attention of anyone interested in where the next generation of acoustic string artists are taking our beloved bluegrass music" - John Lawless, Bluegrass Today
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News from the Blues

Winter News 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!
We have a couple of exciting shows coming up including the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival hosted by the Boston Bluegrass Union on Feb 12th in Framingham, MA. This will be our 3rd year on the main stage and we are very excited to share some new songs with the New England scene!
On Feb 27th we will be down in Miami, FL, headlining at the Everglades Bluegrass Festival hosted by the South Florida Bluegrass Association. If you are a Florida local or a snowbird from Up-North, this will be a great time! 

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New Video and New Album Coming Soon! 

We are very excited to announce that work has officially begun on a new album! It's a going to be a mix of brand new tunes and a few covers that we really love. Please stay tuned in the next few weeks for updates from the studio, and information on a pre-order campaign. 
In the is a video of the old classic, Rock Salt and Nails produced by DeSant Productions

Back from the Sunny South! 

Thanks so much to all the folks who came out to our tour through Ohio, Indiana and Florida! We had an amazing time and are looking forward to getting back down there soon!
Here is a video of the old classic, "Mountain Dew" played at the Parrish Railroad Museum in Florida. And while we are mentioning Florida, please stay tuned for more tour dates in the area. We will be back at the end of February for the Everglades Bluegrass Festival in the Miami area and will hopefully get a chance to play over on the Gulf side too!

Maggie the Banjo Babe is at it again! 

C'mon.  Who isn't a fan of the Banjo Babes Calendar?!  We wanted to let you all know that Maggie MacKay just had her photo shoot for the 2015 calendar.  What month do you think our lovely lady will get?  Just so you know, it's not too late to buy the 2014 calendar... after all, Maggie is the December banjo babe for 2014!

As Summer turns to Fall... 

Hey Guys!  We’ve had a really great summer with some big changes!  We are excited to welcome Laura Orshaw to the band and are looking forward to putting together a new album this winter.  We wish Suzy nothing but the best and encourage you all to follow her solo page and share it with your friends! She is a wonderful musician, friend, and one of the most kickin' songwriters out there!

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